Portesi Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries

The quick and easy cheesy snack, Portesi Cheese Fries are made with a specialty garlic butter on top of either a thin or rising dough crust. Covered in heaps of mozzarella and spices, the Cheese Fry is the easy to make, no hassle snack you always wanted.

Served with a marinara dipping sauce if you want to add some flavor to the already delicious bites.

Cheese Fries available in 9” Thin Crust and 12” Hi-Rise and Thin Crust.

Available in both the crispy thin crust and hefty, stomach patting, Hi-Rise, the cheese fries from Portesi will be an eat you will never forget.

Often in other parts of the country, people confuse french fries dipped in nacho cheese or something of the like for cheese fries, well, we know that to be incorrect. While we don’t disagree that that is a tasty treat, it just doesn’t come close to what the true Cheese Fries offer.

Mouth-watering cheese, garlic sauce and spices, and a browned crisp crust make for the perfect pizza combination.

Cheese Fries comes with a side of marinara-style dipping sauce and are available at these locations.

We have a program for schools that uses our cheese fries as a large flatbread for lunches! See our fundraising page for more details.

We also work with bars and restaurants to sell a special “bar” version of our cheese fries. If you want to feature these products at your establishment – call 715-344-7974 or email portesimarketing@gmail.com