with Portesi Pizza & Cheese Fries

We realize that organizations putting forth an effort into raising funds want to associate themselves with products reflecting their own quality and reputation.

At Portesi, we pride ourselves on the quality and value of all of the products we manufacture and sell. All of Portesi’s products are the premium item in each category from Thin Crust to Cheese Fries available in the frozen section of your local grocery store.

Portesi can assist your organization in raising funds year after year with our “Win-Win and Win Again” approach.

  • Your organization wins because Portesi Pizzas and Cheese Fries are well known and easy to sell while earning money for your organization.
  • Your supporters win because they receive a quality, tasty item they can use and enjoy; A good value that will make them happy they contributed to your organization.
  • Your customers will be glad to support your organization when they know you are selling Portesi next year because they can trust they will be getting a quality product in exchange for the support they are giving to your group. Many people actually look forward to organizations selling Portesi on an annual basis.

​Our size enables us to be flexible when creating a fundraiser for your individual needs and goals.

​You may choose any variety of pizzas and Cheese Fries for your group to sell, although most groups choose from among the thin crust varieties and keep it rather simple with 3 to 4 items. You are also able to select your own selling price, thereby determining your own profit.

Items for all fundraising projects are made fresh for each order.