Frequently Asked Questions

Portesi FAQs

We get a lot of the same questions here at Portesi. Take a look at the list below and see if we can answer yours here!

If you still need more information – feel free to email with any other questions you may have!


What is the difference between the Original Style and the Thin Crust pizzas?

The Original Style pizza is made exactly like a fresh pizza. Fresh dough is rolled out by hand, topped with sauce, cheese and other items then partially baked. The pizza is then cooled, frozen and packaged. If the pizza were baked completely it would be a fresh restaurant quality pizza. Our employees enjoy these for lunch during the week.

The Thin Crust pizza is a pre-baked crust topped off with the same quality ingredients as other Portesi products, and then frozen raw.

What is the difference between the 12” and the 11” Original style pizzas?

The 11” line is THE ORIGINAL recipe. Nothing has changed with the recipe or the way it is made with the traditional flavor profile including a fresh tomato sauce. The 12” is almost identical with the exception of a sweeter sauce offering a different taste profile.

Does the Original Style pizza require less baking time because it is partially baked?

No, the cooking time is about the same.

We live outside of Central Wisconsin and can’t find your pizza.

Our pizza is available where we are able to service stores directly or through one of our distributors. Our pizzas or CHEESE FRIES are in many Kroger’s, Pick ‘n Save, Metro Marts, Walmarts, Woodman’s, Festival Foods, Trigs, independent grocers and convenience stores in Wisconsin. Check our availability to see if there is a store near you with Portesi products.

Can you ship pizzas or cheese fries to an area where Portesi is not available?

We are able to ship to most areas of the country. We are limited by the availability of timely shipping. Pizzas frozen to minus 10 degrees are packed in an insulated cooler with cold packs and shipped ground to arrive within 72 hours. Other shipping options are available if ground service is unable to ship in that time frame.

I noticed that not all Portesi products have nutritional information. How can I find that information?

It is available on our website under products and then the specific pizza.

Are Portesi products available for fundraising projects?

Portesi offers our Thin Crust line of pizzas and Cheese Fries for fundraising projects within or distribution area. Check our fundraiser page for more information.

How can I get seasoning shipped to me?

Send us an email. We will give you the specific information. We can ship anywhere. Seasoning must be purchased in case quantities (12 jars). Perfect for sharing with friends

I have enjoyed your rising dough pizza at riverfront, where is it available?

We get that question all the time… this is a special item for special events. However, our MORE line is Portesi’s retail version of the rising dough pizza.

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